From Diane Gabe, Sept. 1, 04
Diane Gabe's email

We're related through Sylvia Gabe. She and husband Dave Gabe were first cousins. His father, Joseph Gabe, and her father, Charles Gabe, were brothers. Family stories have it that Jenny Gottleib wanted to marry Charles, but he rejected her. Instead, she married his brother, Joseph. When her son married Charles' daughter, she wasn't too pleased. That's why there are two wedding dates. They eloped in 1924 and were officially married in 1925. Dave and Sylvia weren't invited to my parents wedding because Jenny was mad at Dave for firing his other brother, Sol. My father was Dave Gabe's brother. Leni and I are first cousins. I thought of her as my big sister when I was a kid. We were both tomboys. She took me to my first baseball game, watching the Giants at the Polo Grounds.

Generation 1

Charles marries Ethel A
Joseph married Jennie Gottleib

Generation 2 children

Charles and Ethel have Sylvia
Joseph and Jennie have Harry, Dave, Sam, Murray, Sol

Generation 3

Dave and Sylvia have Leni, Harold
Harry and Leona have Marilyn and Grace
Sam and Grace have Sondra
Murray and Florence have Diane (me) and Evelyn
Sol and Sarah have Jerry and Norman

Your grandmother's grandparents (Charles parents) was my great-grandfather (Joseph's parents). I think that makes us second cousins once removed.

My maternal grandmother's family has a huge genealogy, encompassing 9 generations. We got together at the Concord Hotel in the Catskills in 1997, all 236 of us! It was fantastic.