Grandma Sophie Zydney's Roast Chicken

This was a recipe from my mom, a wonderful grandma. Today, her cooking would be listed under "American Food." ~ Aunt Trudy Mark

1/8 cup oil
1 whole
garlic powder
one can of Tropical Fruits
10ozs Pineapple Chunks

Wash whole chicken carefully, inside and out. Pat dry.

In a glass baking dish, put an 1/8 cup of oil, paprika (until oil appears almost covered,) sprinkle some garlic powder.

Take an onion, keeping one "end" of the onion on the onion. Peel the remainder of the onion. You will use this onion for rubbing the mixture in the dish on the inside of the chicken, greasing the chicken thoroughly.

When you are finished rubbing the chicken with the onion, finish peeling this onion and leave whole and insert into the cavity of the chicken.

Lay chicken in foil lined baking dish or pan, breast down, with no cover.

Roast in 350 preheated oven.

Turn breast up when 3/4 done.

When you turn the breast up, add one can of Tropical Fruits and 10ozs Pineapple Chunks with 1/4 cup syrup over the chicken.

Baste often adding more syrup if necessary.
Allow about 25 minutes cooking time per pound.

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