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   Winter 2015 Issue

February 2015/March 2015

Happy Birthday in February to Jessica on the 18th, Lori on the 19th, Hillary on the 22nd.
Happy Anniversary in February to Mark/Jasna on the 14th.

Happy Birthday in March to Sophie on the 19th, Nic on the 21st, Lola on the 24th, Ralph on the 25th, Mark Rosera on the 30th.

What's New?

Cousins moving: Stu and Leslie moved from California to New Jersey last year. Coreen and Jack sold their house and are moving with Lora and Harold to California as you are reading this. We wish them luck driving cross-country in the snow.

You can get a Google+ account and click here to see videos of Lora Mark Lang, Martin Mark, and Hal Mark talking about life in Rohatyn Poland. Also, visit these links for photos/videos of the July 2014 reunion (works best from Chrome Browser):
Friday Evening
Saturday Morning
Saturday Afternoon pictures
Saturday Afternoon video
Saturday Evening
Sunday Morning

01 - Valerie Mark - Introduction
02 - Lenie Gabe - The Mark Family coming to America - Part 1

03 - Lenie Gabe - The Mark Family coming to America - Part 2
04 - Sandi Simon - Road Trip to San Antonio
05 - Allen - Hillel Mark getting the Deed to his property
06 - Donah Matza - Grandpa Joe and Grandma Mollie arriving in Houston
07 - Debbie - Traveling to visit family.
08 - Dave - Family Love
09 - Crystal - That's My Grandpa
10 - Caitano - When I was little
11 - Marc - A Marriage that was meant to be
12 - Caitano's birthday
13 - The Music Goes Round and Round

or go to the History page and click on Family Stories. I advise that you go there often because I and those in the 3rd generation are already beginning to suffer life's age-related ills/disorders, like short-term memory loss.
Hears an idea...


At Passover every year, after you tell the story of the Exodis, tell a family story about Hillel and the Kindling or How The Mark Family Came to America. And if there is a chance to come together again, don't hesitate.

If you have family news email it to Val and we'll all be informed. Good news, bad news, share.
FaceBook is a great way to stay close. If you are not already on FaceBook, please think about joining. Go to to register.

I am always looking for new recipes to share with the family. If you have special meals/treats, email it to Val to upload on our Recipes page.

Rohatyn websites
The web address for the Rohatyn Google Group is: .
The "Rohatyn Google Group" website shares information about Rohatyn and its people. The website was founded through the effort of Alex Feller. You might recognize many family names, locations and stories that have been posted on this website. You can post stories, too.

Mark Family Tree, click here
Gabe Family Tree, click here.
Read historical Mark/Gabe stories here.
History of Rohatyn, click here.
Videos of the Siblings, click here.
Family blogs: Stu's blog, Dave's blog, Naomi's blog


Click on Grandpa Joe's hanky cat for instructions on how to make it.

Thanks to Allen for this!